Sunday, August 8, 2010

Diaper cake

Yesterday I finished making a diaper cake for my friend from work's baby shower. Her husband is a BIG fan of the Chicago Cubs, hence the red white and blue. I wasn't going to use the white but Walmart ran out of ribbon, after my 3 trips to the store for more. Here is the final project.

I also made some really cute onsies with ties for when they go to church. This also came out really cute, I thought for my first attempt. My friend Amy hooked me up with some magical crafty stuff called Wonder Under. This stuff (because its not really fabric or anything) can turn any material into an iron on patch! it's AMAZING!! So you can iron this stuff to your material,t then iron your materical to the onsie, simple. For added support you can stick a simple line around the outside of the pattern. I will post pictures of the kids once I get to work. It's too hard to add them from home with my laptop. I will have to invest in a $20 wireless mouse.. On one note before I go. Reegan is potty training and she is doing great. She has made it the whole day, including during a nap in panties with no accidents. I have also taken her to the mall for 3 hours in panties with no accidents. I can't wait until she is fully trained.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Colten is Crawling!!

Well it's army crawling but still he is only 5 months!! He is also getting up on his knees too! I'm in trouble. I took a video on my phone I will try to see if I can figure out how to post it. Reegan is doing great and we are all amazing! I will post pictures of the kiddos soon!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Reegan's 2 year checkup

Reegan's 2 year check up was today and she is doing great!! She weighs 31 lbs (90%) and is 34" tall ( 65%) and the doctor said she is VERY advanced on her speech. He asked me if we have noticed any problems about her speaking and I was like, "well we can't get her to be quite for more than 1 minute.." I thought it was comical but the doc did not. He said that by this time she should know about 50 words and should be trying to put two words together to start forming sentences. About that time Reegan said " Mommy you read the book first" and the doctor's mouth just dropped open. Then Reegan said " mommy all done, have my sticker please" and he was truly amazed. He just couldn't believe it. This was the doctor that she saw when she was first born and he gave Reegan the okay to leave the hospital so he enjoyed seeing her again. I asked him about a height estimation and he gave said that Reegan would be about 5'5 which is taller than me! Colten is doing great and can already roll over from his stomach to his back ( his been doing this for about 3 weeks) and he almost has it from his back to his stomach. All he wants to do is stand up and I measured him today and he is 24 1/2" making him 10" shorter than Reegan at less than 4 months old. Things are going great with the family and my classes are awesome. I just started two new classes yesterday and I am now over half way done with my associates degree. I will be done around June of next year but I'm not going to walk in graduation until I get my associates degree. I think that's it for now and I will post pictures of Reegans b-day once I put batteries in my camera. Until next time....

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Quick update - 2 months

Colten is 2 months now and had his check-up yesterday. He weighs 10lbs 1oz which puts him in the 10th percentile, he is 22in long (25th percentile ) and his head is 15in (10th percentile ) overall he is just small and skinny. I can't believe it because Reegan was always chubby. We started giving Colten rice cereal in his bottle at night which helps him sleep through the night. I have to feed him between 830-9 and then he is up at like 330 to 4 at the latest to eat again. He is smiling and laughing all the time and it just melts our hearts. After I feed Colten in the morning I get up to get ready for work so I just lay him on our bed. Nick will get up and say " Hi son!" and Colten gives him the biggest smile and giggle. Nick truly loves having a son, and I love seeing them together.
Reegan is going to be 2 next month so we are having her party on 4/24/10 at my house. I will need address... again for invitations. ( I might just buy an address book too so I can stop asking all the time). She loves school (daycare) and is learning so much. We enjoy reading books and I can never just read one. she will run and say, "other book mommy" and bring me another book to read. She also likes watching her Barbie movie, Princess and the Pauper. This movie has a lot of singing which she is learning the songs and sings and dances to them in her room. We did have to put a tv and dvd player in her room, I know she's so young, but honestly I couldn't take constantly having to watch it with her. As soon as we wake her up in the morning it's, "Watch Barbie Mommy or Daddy" "Princess and the Pauper Mommy". It's super cute but I can only handle so much. sometimes she will grab my hand and take me into her room so we can hold hands and dance to the songs, I love it. She is at such an amazing age right now. She is also getting quite the little attitude which can be difficult to deal with especially when she crys over everything. We try to be as patient as possible but sometimes it's difficult.
I had my gallbladder removed about a week and a half ago. Things have been going well with the recovery but I'm still sore. It's more the muscle that hurts but it gets better everyday. Tomorrow I get my staples out which I am so thankful for. Since the incisions are healing they are starting to itch and it's hard to scratch them with staples in the way, btw I have 14 of them!!! I also started back to school 3 weeks ago and I'm once again on my way to earning my degree. I think that's all for now, nothing to really update with Nick. He is working right now which we are thankful for. Here are some pictures of the kids that were taken on Monday night.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Colten is here!!

Okay I know once again I haven't posted in a while but it has been kind of hectic with 2 kiddos. First I will start off with the delivery story:

I went in for my normal 39 week appointment which mind you was on Monday 1/11/10. I go into my appointment and the doctor says I'm due tomorrow 1/12/10. I said "What?" The doctor showed me my chart and it said 39 weeks and 6 days??? Now for the past 3 weeks my appointments have always been on Mondays. When I go in the first thing my doctor does is show me my chart of how far along I am. It is always 36weeks and 3 days, 37 weeks and 3 days, 38 weeks and 3 days, then BAM I gained an extra 3 days without even knowing it. Needless to say I was very confused. Well the doc said that if I don't go into labor this week then I would be induced on Monday 1/18/10. I told the doc that it was okay with me if I was induced today and he started laughing and completely shot down my recommendation. Then I asked if he would scrap my membranes to which he replied " I already did." I asked him what the percentage is that this would break my water and he said " This doesn't help break your water but in 35% of patients it helps to put them in labor." That pretty much concluded the appointment since I had no questions and went home. That night I had ZERO contractions and Nick and I went to sleep about 10pm. I woke up at about 11pm because MY WATER BROKE!!!!! Well, it started leaking actually. I woke Nick up, changed clothes, Nick got Reegan up and we took off for the hospital. I had all of 2 contractions on the way to the hospital and they were not painful at all. When we get there we find out that Reegan is not allowed anywhere except the waiting room, so I went back into Triage while Nick took care of Reegan. My water continued to leak out and when I was checked to see how far along I was I had dilated 1 cm since my appointment earlier that afternoon. I got back into a room and my parents met us at the hospital and my labor progressed without any complications. I got my epidural and things were great. At about 830am the nurse kept asking my if I felt like I should push and I kept telling her no. This was a big change because with Reegan I had to keep telling the nurses that I really felt like I should be pushing. Well the nurse thought it would be good for me to just try push and I did and once again, just like with Reegan, he was ready to go and they had to go find the doctor. Once he got there it was about 1 1/2 more pushes and out came our little man at 845am. The whole time I was pregnant I kept saying how big he was and how much of a monster he was going to be. Colten weight 6lbs 14oz and was 19 1/4 in long. He was so tiny! I don't have any pictures yet of when he was born since we forgot our camera and my mom hasn't uploaded her pictures yet. So here are the pictures I do have from the past week. By the way Reegan LOVES her little brother and does so amazing with him. She loves to help feed and burp him. Reegan also loves giving him kisses on the head and getting him his pacifier, even if he doesn't want it. I couldn't have asked for two better kids, we are so blessed!!!