Monday, April 20, 2009

Reegan's b-day party!

So Reegan's b-day party was this past Saturday and it was such a blast. Thank you to all of our family and friends who were there. We ate some delish food: Carne asada and chicken and had a very yummy cake courteous of my sister Sarah. It was a 3 tiered cake with yellow cake and strawberry filling on layer 1. Layer 2 was chocolate cake and strawberry filling and layer 3 (which was Reegan's smash cake) was just chocolate. It was wonderful. Reegan enjoyed playing with everyone and definitely enjoyed all of the attention. She has been cutting her 2 top teeth so she wasn't feeling 100% but it was definitely a good thing she had a 4 hour nap before everyone showed up! Nick's family made sure that Reegan got LOTS of really obnoxious toys that made LOTS of noise!! Thank you for really, thank you. One of Nick's aunts even made sure she bought extra batteries, just in case the batteries that came in the toy happened to get lost :)

Other than the b-day party everything has been pretty calm. Reegan started daycare a couple of weeks ago and she is doing great. Her cousin is in there with her and they like to hug all day long. She really enjoys doing the crafts. I have to make a confession though, I apparently have the child that likes to eat glue. There I said it, now don't judge! Her teachers had to keep an eye out on her because she kept trying to eat it. Oh well, one day she will learn that that is not okay. Other than that she gets along really well with the other kids which I didn't think she was going to have a problem with. I was worried about nap time. All of the kids have their own little mats that they sleep on and I was thinking.. "Yeah right I can barely get Reegan to sleep in her own crib without throwing a fit, why would she sleep on a mat with no problems." Well, to my surprise she does excellent. The kids only get 1 nap per day so by that time they are so tired they just fall right to sleep. Reegan is becoming so independent. She no longer likes me to feed her and she only wants to do it herself. In the pictures below is her eating spaghetti. Notice she has noodles all the way up on her shoulders. Yeah fun. She also really enjoys giving people and our dog hugs. She really is such a sweet girl. Reegan is also starting running almost so she definitely keeps us on our toes. I think that's about it. Here are some random pictures and also ones from her b-day party


FROGGITY! said...


happy birthday to her! :) cute cake!!

Dave & Susie Crandell said...

What a cutie! I'm so sorry that we were out of town on Saturday! I heard about the cake. I'm glad you posted a picture of it.

Sarah Mannon said...

Yeah it was a great party! To bad everone from our family FLAKED!! At least grandma and grandpa where nice enough to show up!!!