Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Update-a-roonie / BABY SHOWER INFO!!

SOOO it's been awhile, I'm kind of a slacker what can I say. Things have been very hetic lately! I'm finding in increasingly difficult to get anything done around the house on the weekends. Being so pregnant already and caring for a 19 month old is exahusting! Nick has been hunting a lot so he is of no help to me. His last hunt is the first weekend in December and after that he is not allowed to go ANYWHERE!!! I told him that is too close to when little Colten will be here. Oh yeah, incase you don't have Facebook, we have decided to name our little boy, Colten Dewain Cloyd. The middle name is after Nick's Papa. Also the weekend of 12/5/09..... MY BABY SHOWER!

Invitations have been sent out so family you should be receiving yours, if you haven't it's probably because I didn't have your address so please see your respective mother or mother-in-law and they should have one. It will be at my house at 12 ( noon ) . Please let me know if you need the address. I have registered at Target, probably the biggest thing I need is infant clothes/ onesies. I have also a grand prize drawing that you can be entered by bringing in a package of diapers.

So far I'm just about 32 weeks and I have gained back 4 out of the 7 pounds that I lost. I go to the doctor's today and I KNOW that I have gained more weight. I'm going every 2 weeks and my blood pressure is already getting high. I have a feeling that I will not be making it my due date so maybe they will induce me in December! Reegan still doesn't really understand that she is going to be a big sister soon, but we are working with her so that it doesn't come to that big of a shock when this little boy doesn't go away. Reegan is SO stinking smart it's ridiculus. She knows how to count to 10 and can sing about half of her ABC's. She is also talking so much now and forming sentences already. One of her favorites is " Go away Bubba" ( talking to our dog) , or "That's Daddy's remote" What a kid. She has also started repeating things that we say, well mostly what I say. OOPS!!! Her big one is Shutup Bubba, when the dog barks. Everytime she says it I immediately have to tell her that we don't say that word and we say be quite.

As for the job, I applied for a new position as a trainer. I had my second round interview yesterday and I really hope I get the job. It will be a significant increase in pay which will definitely be nice since Nick's job is really slow now. I'm not sure what else I have but I will post pictures soon, I will have to have Nick take another side pic of my GI-normous belly, until then....

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nate and amy crandell said...

I'm excited for your shower the invitation is so cute! and yes I would like to see a belly pic they are always fun to look at!