Thursday, August 13, 2009

Long awaited post

Soooo much has been going on lately I almost don't know where to start. I will be 18 weeks pregnant tomorrow and I have my ultrasound scheduled for next Friday to determine what we are having. We are hoping for a boy but will be grateful for either. The pregnancy is going well for me. The morning sickness is slowly going away. I'm only having to take my nausea pills every other day which is really good for me.

Reegan is getting bigger every single day. She is constantly talking and saying words more and more. Some of her favorite words are: thank you, more, shoe, no, love you, eye, nose, bubba, duck, yeah, hi, hello, bye and I know there are more but those are the ones that are clear. Reegan knows how to sign more, please and drink and we are working on thank you. Reegan also knows where her nose and eyes are and she will point to them if you ask her. She has 6 teeth now and very slowly getting more. She is still the best sleeper in the world, going to bed at 7pm and she wakes up on the week ends at about 7-730am. We are trying to explain to Reegan that there is another baby on the way but she doesn't really understand yet. We are trying to get her to say different boy names to see which ones she likes or can even say. Out of the names we have picked out so far: Cooper, Colton, Braydon and Landon all she can say is Landon. I know I already have a cousin named Landon but Nick really likes that name. I've lost 6 pounds total which is not bad for me and my blood pressure has been really low so things are doing very well with that.

On a sad note Nick's grandma passed away about a month ago. It was VERY sudden. We actually had dinner with her the night before and was taken to the hospital at midnight. She later died at about 530am. This was about 7 months from the day Nick's grandpa passed. The family has been taking it very hard and there have been multiple fights about how to deal with everything. I think it's very sad that at a time like this it didn't bring the family closer together. Everyone is slowly starting to heal and when it gets a little cooler outside we will be going through all of her belongings in her storage. Nick's aunt has already asked everyone if I could have Grandma's sewing machine which I think is very special because I didn't expect anything. Sometimes when we go to Nick's aunt and uncles house ( where Grandma had been living ) Reegan will go down the hall towards Grandma's room looking for her. It's really sad to Nick and I that Reegan will not remember her Great Grandma. I'm just glad that we have pictures of them together and we will always remind Reegan of her GGMa.

I'm not sure what else to write about I don't really know of anything so until later when I post some of the pictures I have taken. You can see how crazy long and curly Reegan's hair is getting.


Doug and Amanda said...

Sorry to hear about his grandma. That is always hard. At least you got to spend some time with her before she went.

And as far as babies go, I think you're having a boy! Probably just wishful thinking for you. And as far as names go, don't worry if someone already has the name. With as many cousins as you have, you won't have anything to pick from if you worry about that! Lol!

nate and amy crandell said...

That's nice you guys got to spend time with Nick's grandma before she passed. hope everything gets better soon :)

And I am very very excited to find out what your having!! I really like all the names you've picked out.

Anonymous said...

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