Saturday, July 4, 2009

Names and more

Well I have decided that Nick and I are only going to pick out boy names...mostly because all we had was Reegan's name and then we had a girl. I guess I'm just trying to sway the final result a little in my favor! The names we have picked out so far are: Colton, Cooper and Brayden. We had Landen until I realized my cousins named their son that.. needless to say that is out. I think my favorite so far is Brayden. The middle name will be Dewain after Nick's grandpa who has passed away. We definitely miss him everyday and it was really hard for Nick. I will be glad if we are able to commemorate him a little in the process. We have a friend of the family who is physic and when she found out I was pregnant she said " oh Theresa is finally having her boy". I hope she's right..I will keep my fingers crossed.

Reegan is getting so big and talking more and more everyday. Her newest word and the one she uses most often is No. She doesn't use it if I ask her to do something yet but it would be if I say "Reegan do you want some milk?" No. Reegan do you want to eat. No. Everything is no. Kind of annoying but we are working with her saying yes. Reegan plays a game with her teacher at school. The teacher ( Sarah) will call out Reegans name " Reegan" ( she will kind of draw it out a little longer) and Reegan will reply "Sarah" Obviously her Aunt Sarah is very excited about this. Reegan has 4 teeth now and has some more that are about to pop through. Nick and I are hoping that she will finally have a mouth full by her 2nd birthday. Reegan also got her first haircut last Sunday. She did not enjoy it and cried almost the whole time. It was really sad to see some of her curls being cut off but her hair looks so much better. It was very uneven on the sides and now it's perfect. Nick really likes it too and says she looks like a little girl now (not that she didn't before but her hair was kind of out of control!)

Anywho I finished my first 2 classes and University of Phoenix and I got A's in both. I'm really excited and I'm almost half way done with my Associates Degree. If I stay on track I will be able to graduate by June 2010. I went to the doctor last Monday and when I got weighed they said I lost 4 pounds. I'm thinking cool, it's not like I don't have 4 pounds to loose and the nurse immediately said "Are you eating" I was like yeah. Then she asked me what was going on. I told her that I didn't know but that I am definitely eating. The baby is doing great and is right on track. I'm going in for an ultra sound on Monday and I hoping for a hint at the sex. I can't wait 5 more weeks to officially find out. Since this will be my last baby I am really hoping for a boy. Not that I wouldn't be excited for a girl, I just want a healthy baby. But I can hope! Last time I was pregnant I had 7 cousins who were also pregnant at the same time, all of us had girls except 2 who obviously had boys. This time I have 2 cousins pregnant with me and Erica found out she is having another girl and Amy will find out on Monday. I'm so excited for both of them. Erica is already a wonderful mom and I know that Amy will be too.

I don't think I have any more to talk about since I just rambled for every! I will post pictures soon


Tannis said...

I love the name Brayden!! So cute.

Dave & Susie Crandell said...

Taryn had a boy also, Ian!

Theresa Cloyd said...

Okay I updated to add Taryn, sorry I forgot she was pregnant at the same time!

nate and amy crandell said...

ah thanks theresa!! I'm excited for you too :) I really like all the names you've picked out!!

Bounty said...

My partner and I really struggled to find names we both agreed on! It can be really tough. We agreed on Marlow in the end for our little boy. When we were thinking, I also really like Jacob, Dylan, Sebastian, Jack and Oliver. If were having a little girl, I really liked Sophia, Isabelle, Ellie, Rose and Imogen. Hope they are a help! [url][/url] is a great place to search for names too, as you can search by origin and meaning, plus the topp 100 boys/girls names are up. Let us know what you pick and good luck with it all! xxx